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  • 09 May 2024 09:06
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    Stainless Cleats Done!

    Sometimes making your ideas is not good business...

    I made these cleats in much more time and labour I imagined, this choice, to make my own gear, was an economical mistake. 

    One learns from their mistakes they say... will I do it again? for sure! I will just make them even better. I like them, I made them, and I learned what not to do next time, and that is, don't try to weld thin material with thick electrodes, even if you've done it before...........

    Just go buy thin ones!  

    Keep Junking 

    Balkan Shipyards


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  • 02 May 2024 19:15
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    Anonymous wrote:

    Nice vice!  I took the liberty of merging your two threads with emphasis on the vice. Cheers.  --Webmaster.

    Thanks, I will keep further updates to this thread.

    Keep Junking, Balkan Shipyards

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  • 02 May 2024 14:02
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    Nice vice!  I took the liberty of merging your two threads with emphasis on the vice. Cheers.  --Webmaster.

  • 02 May 2024 04:55
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    Nothing holds like a vice! Mind u ViceGrips are close, but yea, they 2 go with the vice, hammers are welcome... They go with a vice, plyers... files... they all go with the vice... A vice at times, will surely B your best mate, if u can't hold it, u just gotta have a vice...

    At Sea, useful is cherished, useless is merely dead weight, u can haul it or u can loose it, u now best... But nothing holds like a vice.


    We're alive guys, as a strange future materializes in a darkening planet... We just wanted to say we're here, fighting like U all, handeling sanity as much as we can... In an insane environment we can only do what we can do......

    Another video from the road:


    Keep Junking, 

    Balkan Shipyards

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