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  • 05 May 2021 13:31
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    Hello John,

    It's generally called double braid, or braid on braid, as well as braidline. I don't know why it would have been referred to as 'continuously woven'. I'd use 10mm for both halyards, for ease of gripping. I buy good rope at a good price here:


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  • 05 May 2021 12:39
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    This is my first attempt on the JRA technical forum  so here goes.

    I've been building a Steel Bruce Roberts 39 for the last 10 years and the finishing line is almost in sight. 

    I need to obtain the halyards prior to installing the masts. My Sunbird marine manual specifies " continuously woven braidline " but it would appear this product is now obsolete.

    The main and fore sails are 552 and 333 sq. Ft. With 10mm and 8mm halyards.

     Can anyone advise if continuously woven braidline is still available in the UK or offer a suitable alternative. 

    Regards John frubin 

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