Le Canard Bleu's new sails

  • 15 Feb 2021 04:01
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    Here is the lady with a bone in her teeth! Thanks due to Pam Cundy of Whangateau Traditional Boats.

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  • 15 Feb 2021 03:59
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    Some photos showing Le Canard Bleu's new 45 deg shelf sails, showing shape and details. these photos were all taken in around 6kts of wind. You can see clearly how the sails inflate readily. This is very much due to the 45 deg shelves.

    Note how clean the sails are at the leach and how no batten protrudes beyond the leach. Essential if you don't want your sheetlets hanging up on the battens.

    Note how flat the run of the sail is in the leach area.

    Note the build up of the leach and luff areas. Not only does it strengthen the sail it also helps these critical area's to stand given that apart from the weight of the sail, there is nothing to tension the luff.

    Some creasing of the sail in these light winds is unavoidable as is the creasing where the sail presses against the mast.

    You can also clearly see how the individual panels are joined together via the battens and alternating batten pockets.

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