Mast taper or not for aerojunk

  • 07 Feb 2021 11:28
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    Hi, and welcome to the JRA!

    The way I see it, the mast *can* be tapered as it needs less bending strength nearer the top.  But it doesn't *have* to be tapered.  Reasons to have taper include:
    1.  It looks better!
    2.  Less windage high up
    3.  (depending on construction) less weight high up

    Reasons not to have taper include:
    1.  It can add complexity to the construction (depending on method)
    2.  The reasons you describe, to do with advantage of consistent diameter

    One popular design is to have a cyclindrical lower section, and a tapered top section.  This can yield all the advantages of taper, and means that any problems with varying diameter are limited to the top part of the sail when carring most of the canvas.

    Really, it comes down to your chosen mast material and construction.  There's certainly nothing to stop you from keeping it cylindrical all the way to the top.

    Good luck with the conversion - keep us posted!

  • 07 Feb 2021 02:19
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    Hi everyone, my first post. I'm looking into converting a cavalier 32ft to aero junk rig. My first question is whether the mast should have taper. As the wishbones are fitted around the mast they would fit less well the higher up the mast they rose as well as altering the main luff placement to the side. I haven't seen any comment on this point. I'm interested in feedback.

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