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    Many thanks,

    NeXT outing will be the 30th of November in the Adventseilas i Karmsundet. I wish for Winds in exess of 14 knots. 

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    Excerpt from a letter to Mariner's Mirror, 1954:

    The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club used to open its season with a long-distance race to the Gap Rock and back. The Royal Navy had a comfortable junk-rigged yacht called Tavy, who was usually hard put to it to save any of her large handicap, but on one occasion a sudden very heavy squall played havoc with the fleet. Tavy never altered course, she just eased her haliards as required: 'One reef, two reefs, three, four, five reefs', then, 'four reefs, three reefs' and eventually full sail again; and on that occasion she had no need of her handicap as she sailed home first of the whole fleet.

    Wishing Marie G squally weather (not that she needs it!)

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