TALALUH (split junk) - non-member 'Frank' (reported by Slieve McGalliard) - UK

  • 12 Apr 2013 22:41
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    Slieve McGalliard wrote, 29/1/2013:

    Hi Arne

    Look in -General Forum, Cambered Panels and the Split Junk Rig, 22 March 2012 and later in the thread to see info on Talaluh.

    22 Mar 2012 09:53
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    The handicap information I am getting is vague, but 5% was knocked off at the end of the summer season, and apparently a little more since. As the boat is home built, and certainly modified from the original I've no idea of how it should be handicapped, but the point is that with the original handicap and the original commercial junk rig he was always last or second last, and now he's still winning even after the changes.

    Sorry this is sketchy, but I'm off to bed as it's late.

  • 12 Apr 2013 22:37
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    Arne Kverneland wrote, 28/1/2013:       Stavanger, Monday

    This is interesting Slieve

    What do these cuts in handicaps actually mean? How much faster (or slower) must Frank’s boat actually be (in %) to finish equal with the original boats on corrected time?

    Another question; what boat type is Frank’s boat - I’ve lost track.

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  • 12 Apr 2013 22:34
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    Slieve McGalliard wrote, 29/1/2013:

    I've just had a call from Frank about his split junk 'Talaluh'. He raced yesterday, singlehanded even thought it was gusting 35 kts, and won again, but by a narrow margin. I think that's his third win in the winter series even though his handicap has been cut again. When they gave him the Comodore's Trophy for winning the summer series last year they also gave him a 5% cut on his handicap, and apparently are still pairing it down further. I suspect they will only be happy when he doesn't win.

    There are some photos available if you Google 'Talaluh junk yacht', but probably the most interesting thing about the photos is the buildings and boats in the background.

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