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  • 12 Apr 2013 22:26
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    Chris Gallienne wrote, 11/3/2013:

    Congratulations, Edward, a win is a win. Maybe you scared them off beforehand?

  • 12 Apr 2013 22:23
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    Edward Hooper wrote, 10/4/2013:

    Monday evening , there I was on the line.  Shrimpers had gone, followed 5 mins. later by Class 1, then  after 5 more minutes by the J24's.  Class 2 & 3 were starting together.

    Amiina being Class 3.  Problem, no other boats came out to play.  Why not ?  Wind was perfect F4, gusting F5.  Dashed round the course on my own, ending up crossing the finishing line with the J24s who had a longer course.  Very frustrating, but hope for something  proper to report soon.  Amiina seemed to do well enough to windward, against a strong tide, tacking through 80 degrees.  She surprised them all with her speed and balance downwind.  Now to find some proper competition.
  • 12 Apr 2013 22:20
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    Arne Kverneland wrote, 30/3/2013:             Stavanger, Wednesday

    Edward, that sounds good.

    The Splinters, with their masthead Bm rigs, will be slowed down a lot in the 100° wide downwind zone without spinnakers, so a good junkrig should win almost every time against them, with that handicap.

    It is much harder to put a JR on a Nordic Folkboat and expect to win over the originals (same sail area). The Bm-rigged FB has over 70% of her area in the mainsail so does a lot better downwind than masthead-rigged boats. In addition the shape of the main can be tuned for racing, much like on the modern racers. I would of course give a FB a much larger JR than the original 24sqm - say 36-37sqm - but then I am not racing ...

    Back in 1995 a Swede contacted me. He and a friend had a 34’ steel Bm ketch. When replacing that rig with a cambered panel JR (not bigger than the ketch) the ship was transformed and went faster on all legs. So to rub it in; a BM rig that is not tip top is easy to beat. The fleet of modern racers that Ketil has to race against is a much bigger challenge.

    Anyway, good luck!

    Cheers, Arne

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  • 12 Apr 2013 22:16
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    Edward Hooper wrote, 29/3/2013:

    OK, the die is cast and 'Amiina' is entered for the RTI race on 1st June 2013.
    Lots of work to do before that

    For Poole harbour racing Amiina has ftb the same handicap as the other Splinters w/o spinnaker (N.S.)  We have a TMF of 0.711 (whatever that means).
    There is no official racing in Poole until sometime in March, but at least one, and maybe two of the other Splinters are v. keen to come out 'and play' with Amiina, just as soon as the weather is less wintery.  I shall keep you posted.
    Collecting the Fife rail and the sail cover on Friday.

  • 12 Apr 2013 22:13
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    David Tyler wrote, 29/3/2013:

    Roll on the start of the racing season in Poole Harbour. I'm very interested to see how Amiina does, boat for boat, against the other Splinters.

    Slieve McGalliard wrote, 29/3/2013:

    You and me both, David, or should I say "Too right Blue"?

    The final race positions will not be as useful as the boat for baot speed comparisons, but yes, there is a lot to learn. The RTI will also be interesting, but that will depend very heavily on the weather and the race tactics (or lack of).

    Will we ever find out if the subtile changes in the rig from the original Poppy are better or worse? It's all questions, but hopefully a few answers will come in.

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