Wooden 8m junk in France

  • 16 Oct 2020 15:52
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    Build in 1993 with some recent repairs for 14000€

    Based in Saint Cyprien, France

  • 16 Oct 2020 23:27
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    Did you not see this?


  • 17 Oct 2020 12:23
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    I felt like I read about it before..

    but of course it is worth to be mentioned twice :)

  • 19 Oct 2020 16:10
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    Hi everyone.

    I sent an enquiry email about this nice junk to the broker (Philibert Paisance).
    No reply to my first message.
    Second message one week later was answered directly in my text, as follows (originally in french, replies highlighted in yellow):

    I would like to have some details about this boat.
    Comfort level, does the "one cabin" boat have a bathroom and WC? (isolated from the rest of the cabin)
    Practical level: for an navigation from Mediterranée to the Atlantic via the Canal du Midi, is the mast easily removable? No
    Finally, will a sea trial be possible before any decision is taken? no
    Of course, there will be a lot of other questions if I meet the owner, but I want to say that I am an aficionado of junk rigging, and that I am interested in this boat precisely for that reason.
    Best regards,
    Patrick Leblanc"

    As you can see, these very polite guys at Philibert Plaisance really do care about potential customers, giving extensive answers, offering solutions, proposing visits. Well, even if they didn't answer the first question (who needs a bathroom anyway).

    I guess I must have taken bad habits, since I frequent the JRA and the nice manners of all it's members...

  • 23 Oct 2020 13:58
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    I live in France and am frankly unsurprised by the poor service you received from this broker. In my experience French people are generally very good-mannered in person but, when in involved in any commercial transaction, quite the opposite. I don't pretend to understand the reason, but it appears that the whole procedure of selling anything seems quite distasteful here even to peole who are dependent on it to make a living. There is certainly a frequent lack of any basic acumen about how the process works; businesses who do not publish details on their opening and closing times or days, or even sometimes their location. Supermarkets that leave rotting vegetables on display even when their attention is drawn to it, websites that are never updated, blanket ignorance of the fact that customers are legally entitled to a refund when returning faulty goods. The advertising for this boat is just one example of an inability to understand what a prospective customer would wish or need to know. Estate Agents ('immobiliers') who fail to supply basic information about properties they have for sale and seem surprised when asked what heating installation a house has or whether there is shared access or an up-to-date sewage installation, or even how may toilets there are. I assume that when the English were described as 'a nation of shopkeepers' it was meant as a significant insult to any one involved in the sordid business of business itself.

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