NE USA 2015 Badger for sale

  • 05 Sep 2020 16:36
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    For family reasons, selling my newer 2015 Benford Badger in North east USA. Looking to cover my costs to buy, truck it to the sea and finish bottom and several items. $30,000

    2015 Yanmar 2GM with genuine 50 hours or less running. The peace of mind from having a brand new reliable powerplant for the US ICW cruising south in the Fall is not to be underestimated.

    Workmanlike epoxy plywood construction praised by surveyors (2016 and 2020) and easily insured.

    Barrier coat X 2, plus Micron X 2 coats. Saildrive treated/ protected. All paint and glass in very serviceable condition no chalking. First time this boat has not been in fresh water and it shows.

    Flat newer dacron sails in good to perfect condition. No UV damage.

    Inventory and extra equipment including solid electrical w 2 AGMS, breaker panels, LEDs, new cushions, new alcohol stove oven, compost head, wood heat stove, selection of anchors, Aries wind vane, safety gear etc, build plans and manuals.

    Boat is on mooring in Newport RI ready to demonstrate.

    This boat is uncomplicated but immediately able to cruise and personalize as opportunity arises.

    The Badger design and story are cornerstones of the cruising junk and the JRA culture.

    Surveys and photos available. Sorry no pics won't let me upload from my photos.  Serious enquiries only please.

    See Facebook ad in International Junk group:

    Thanks, David.

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