1980 Aquarius Pilot Cutter Junk Sloop for sale in San Francisco Bay Area

  • 22 Feb 2020 01:28
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    Hi everyone! 

    I have been very busy getting Walrus , my junk rigged Aquarius Pilot Cutter cleaned up and ready to list. She is still in need of some cosmetics , but as you can see ...is quite GORGEOUS as is. with the addition of a new mainsheet (onboard) she is also sail ready.  IMHO ,this may be the ultimate solo  sailor's adventure yacht. She is built like a tank.

    I won't have all of the details and proper listing ready for a week or two , but since I posted a picture of her on The Facebook junk rig page , I've already received a few emails from interested parties.

    I wanted to put it out HERE ... to my fellow junkies first.  Feel free to ask any questions , but please understand , that most of them will be answered in the proper listing as soon as I can. I also , will not be able to show the boat until March 10th. Asking price: $10,000.


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  • 23 Feb 2020 07:48
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    Walrus looks like a wonderful long-distance cruising boat for a solo sailor.  I believe the design was inspired by Serrafyn, the Pardey's Lyle Hess design.  Hess did not want it built in fibreglass, so the builder just copied the concept.  It is the first fibreglass boat I have seen that I would consider the equal of Arion.  If I had not already plowed all my resources into another boat, I'd have loved to buy Walrus and sail her back across the Pacific Ocean.  I hope she finds a good home.

    PS:  I can see a few things I'd like to do to the rig, although mostly it is just a case of personal preferences based on my sailing Arion.  I feel that the mast could be about 18 inches further forward, about where the deck box is, though I doubt I would change it.  I expect it was designed with the intention of carrying a jib on that bowsprit, and I see the mast has running shrouds and a forestay to facilitate this. I would probably accept the status quo, but only fly the jib with the wind forward of the beam in lighter breezes, and roll it up otherwise.  The boom is also higher than I'd prefer, perhaps to allow the sheet to clear the targa bar at the stern.  I'd want to do whatever was needed to lower the boom, and probably add an extra panel to the sail, as it looks to me like it could do with more sail area.   Arion, at similar displacement, had an area of 35sq m.

    The go fast to windward crowd might want something a little sleeker, but, oh, what a lovely boat to my eye!  And the Pardeys sailed 150,000+ miles without an engine on two boats of almost identical heritage. 

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  • 25 Feb 2020 00:55
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    Thanks for the kind words Graham.  That is the story I heard as well.

    The designer loved Hess' design but also wanted a "beefed up" Serrafyn ... because he was a really large man. I'm 6'2 and have plenty of headroom in Walrus.  

    Congratulations! I saw that you just got a new boat. I was and still am a big fan of Arion and Tom Thumbs as well as Flickas, Westsails and anything in between.

    Agreed on the bowsprit. I can only guess what the previous owner's ideas were , but with a beamy full keeled hull and a flat cut junk sail ... a light headsail on a wire luff Furler could be useful for going to windward. it would be super cheap and easy to put together as well.

    I will try to get her cleaned up a bit and have more photos and info ASAP.

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  • 05 Mar 2020 00:27
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    1980 Aquarius Pilot Cutter for sale

    LOA 32

    LOD 24

    LWL 20

    Beam 9

    Draft 4

    Disp. 8900 lbs. 

    Ballast 2900 lbs. lead fully encapsulated

    Transom stern with outboard rudder and tiller steering

    Hand laminated fiberglass

    Headroom 6’3

    U.S. Coast Guard documented vessel

    Walrus is in Alameda, Ca. , San Francisco’s East Bay, with a transferable slip . Slip fees are approximately $280. per month.

    Beautiful, heavily built, full keel pilot cutter, aft hung rudder, custom rigged as a Chinese Junk Sloop. IMHO Walrus may be one of the finest options for a solo sailor or couple out there. This boat is well equipped and more than capable of sailing anywhere her captain desires in safety, ease and comfort. Her design is based on Lynn and Larry Pardey’s Serrafyn as well as other Lyle Hess designs. 

    Aquarius Pilot Cutters rarely come on the market. This one is being offered far below market value in the hopes that she goes to someone who can really appreciate  her. 

    The interior photos show her main salon berth, but the original dinette and table cabinetry are underneath.

    She needs some minor cosmetic work: mostly some sanding and painting, but is stunning as is and is in “sail away” condition today. Very well equipped with fine cruising gear.

    Yamaha high thrust 9.9 outboard with electronic ignition and hydraulic mount: practically brand new, approximately 15 hours. Walrus came from the factory set up for an outboard. No diesel was ever installed, and there are no motor mounts or prop shaft. One could be installed if so desired.

    Ratcliff self steering wind vane with Stainless Steel trim tab. 

    Beautiful Tanbark, flat cut Chinese Junk sail w/ wood boom, yard and battens. Excellent condition

    Freestanding Aluminum mast, mast step and partners are extraordinarily well done

    Custom Stainless Steel “cage” with seateak roof and Solar panels atop. Roll down panels make this an excellent “extra room” as well as a very secure place to hang out while sailing offshore.

    35 lb. CQR anchor w/ chain and nylon rode and Lone Star Marine G3-1400D power windlass.  Windlass is in perfect condition and literally a brand new install.

    10 Bronze Perko opening ports

    Nauta 25 gallon flexible fresh water tank, pressure fresh water system

    Jabsco marine head with holding tank, macerator pump and overboard discharge.

    Plenty more I am sure I’m forgetting.

    Diver cleaned the bottom 2 weeks ago and remarked that the paint is recent and the bottom is in excellent condition.

    Asking price: $9,999.

    Feel free to ask any and all questions. I will be showing her after March 10th.

    Also, send email for extensive photo link.

    Thanks for looking

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  • 10 Mar 2020 21:00
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    Hey everyone! I decided to list Walrus on EBAY. Id love to see her go to a new junkie or junkie couple with more dreams than money. (like me!)


    No reserve auction starting at $5999. with a buy it now of $7999.

    I'm staying onboard for the next week or so to show her to potential buyers.

    Feel free to ask any questions or to set up a time to come take a look.



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  • 11 Mar 2020 12:29
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    Anonymous wrote:

    Hey everyone! I decided to list Walrus on EBAY. Id love to see her go to a new junkie or junkie couple with more dreams than money. (like me!)


    No reserve auction starting at $5999. with a buy it now of $7999.

    I'm staying onboard for the next week or so to show her to potential buyers.

    Feel free to ask any questions or to set up a time to come take a look.



    Jonny good luck.  Divesting of "junk" lol is a good think to sharpen the focus on current projects.

    Best of luck with your Sunbird 32.  Where is that boat based?

  • 11 Mar 2020 15:37
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    Thank you David! The Sunbird is currently in Florida. She will be here in The Bay Area in a few weeks.

  • 18 Mar 2020 13:45
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    Walrus has been sold! I'm sure we'll be seeing her new owner Marc in the group fairly soon!

    Wishing everyone the best in these very strange and dangerous times.


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