Origo Stove Wanted

  • 23 Oct 2019 11:37
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    I'm living in Lefkada Greece at the moment on my new Amel Euros (sadly not JR) and I spotted a used Origo last week, double burner type if you're still interested. It's in a the 2nd hand section of Nidri Marine. 

    I can get pics and details if required or contact them here;



  • 24 Oct 2019 12:49
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    Thanks, everyone, for your interest and help.

    It seems a shame that Origo's, which seem very popular have gone out of production.

    Yes, Arne and David, the HPV does look like a possible alternative. And, perhaps, it could be replumbed to a separate fuel tank.

    I lived on a boat with a spirit stove with an integral tank at one time. It worked well - apart from a propensity to catch fire if I wasn't careful enough in filling it. The spilt meths would catch fire, the flame would be invisible and it would heat the tank resulting in boiling meths shooting out of the breather hole. Quick action with an extinguisher needed! I can vouch for the fact that meths fires are easily extinguished.

    I have messaged Nick and Andy. Thanks.


  • 24 Oct 2019 19:38
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    I assume that multi fuel camping stoves also work with alcohol?  If so they have a separate tank so you could make something useful.

    I have been using the single burner Origo that came with Butterfly, happy with it.  The seal under the control plate is now missing, I do wonder how much fuel evaporates when not in use.

  • 24 Oct 2019 21:23
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    Hi Matthew

    I did see your email but I'm responding on here so other people can take a look.

    There is a double and a double+oven, 3000/6000.

    Condition as you can see is so so. Cosmetically would need some elbow grease but not sure how well you could tidy that up. Functionality wise, no idea. 

    The double ring 3000 is 80 euro and the 6000 oven model, well it has 50 euro written on the front. As this is a second hand section for customers, there is a lot of junk on the shelves and I mean a lot. Scratched plastic glasses anyone? I can understand them not itemising and listing on the site. I presume they just take a cut if something sells. 

    I will be driving back to the UK in Dec so can bring one to save on postage if it helps you out.

    Would I buy one? I don't think so but you can decide.



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  • 24 Oct 2019 21:31
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    Thanks, Andrew. I'm 'watching' this one.


  • 30 Oct 2019 18:57
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    For anyone looking for an alcohol stove, the best source is probably second hand.  This need not be particularly onerous if you have a little time to wait.  Checking for listings regularly is a pain, but you can have the search set up to run automatically.  For example, on Craig's list, if you look at the very bottom of the page there is a link that says "RSS".  Right clicking on this allows you to "copy link address".  Then in your e-mail program that supports RSS feeds you paste the link.  From then on you will get a daily e-mail with a search of Craig's list.  For a while I ran searches for "Origo", "Maxie" and "alcohol".  I now have a Maxie acquired locally for a tenth of the cost of new, even though I live just about as far away from the source as you can get on the planet.  Here in Vancouver, used Origo stoves come up on a regular basis.

    Other platforms such as e-bay and kiji also offer automatic searches.  I've had better luck with local sources compared to ebay.  A good number of my boat bits have been acquired this way.  Given the number of different computer platforms, programs and for sale sites we use, it isn't possible to give specific instructions for everyone, just know that it can be done and that you can probably find a youtube video or website to guide you through the process.

  • 31 Oct 2019 17:18
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    Anonymous wrote:

    That was patronising, David.   Of course I know that burning alcohol produces C02.

    What I am talking about is leaving fossil fuels in the ground.  It is important that we reduce our dependency on them as far as possible, (not in the least because the large producers of fossil fuels also propagate misinformation about the damage that they do and have done to the overall climate).  Ethanol can be produced from quick-growing crops such as sugar cane - and it's a better use of the stuff than making fizzy drinks!!

    I pondered cooking fuel sources and carbon footprints yesterday and this morning.  I put my thoughts in the yacht club bar as that seemed a more appropriate location and there was a similar conversation going on there.
  • 01 Nov 2019 00:57
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    Now that I am getting close to needing to build the interior furniture components of my little catamaran I have begun thinking about a spirit stove as a possible alternative to LPG, and in the interest of simplicity. But so far I have drawn a blank on any of these stoves being available in New Zealand, some type of gas seems to be the default choice of all camping and boat stoves. Some camping stores have little canister type alcohol stoves but these seem intended for intermittent cooking. So, if any of our New Zealand members can point me towards an LPG alternative please let me know.

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  • 01 Nov 2019 23:39
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    I use  MSR stove which I have found excellent outdoors. It runs on white spirits.unleaded petrol or kerosene. The fabrication of a metal unit to make this into a small boat cooker should not be too difficult. 

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