* BB17 BlueBerry Schärenkreuzer For Sale - Zu verkaufen *

  • 29 Sep 2019 08:57
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    We are offering our BB17 Blueberry for sale.

    After we sold PEREGRINE we were looking for a small ship which could get us out on our homewaters betweeen busy weeks of sailmaking. But then BJÖRNSUND https://www.bjornsund.de/ appeared and took over our life at once. Now we need to gather all energy to get forward on the restauration of this old danish lady.

    BB 17 is a wooden norwegian sailingboat build for both cruising and racing. Build ca. 1965 on the shipyard of Borge Bringsvaerd in Drobak / Oslofjord.

    Laminated Mahognie planking, steamd oak-frames, solid oak stevn and keel

    Deck marine plywood and teak-planking

    All fittings in stainless steel or bronze

    Length 7,30m

    Length Waterline 4,90m

    Width 2.05m

    Draft 1,05m

    Weight 950kg

    Weight ballast 550kg

    More information on the class http://www.lamschus.de/Index.htm

    Since 2017 we have been engaged to convert Blue Berry into a junk. Our aim was to find a classic, powerfull and light boat which can keep up with Folkeboats and modern designs. Overall weight of about 1t and 50% ballast seemed to match our ideas.

    We have reached so far:

    * hollow glued wooden spruce mast with glassfiber coating and inserted carbon strings for additional strenght

    * new Tabernakel  Mahagoni - strongly and professional constructed by boatbuilder

    * new Torqueedo Outboard-Engine Travel 1003 (needs a bracket at the stern)

    * dead-wood restored 2018

    * new rudder and new ruddershaft ready soon

    * new persenning for summer/winter

    * underwaterhull painted and varnished 2018 (has neven been in water since)

    * new painting above waterline 2018

    * new cushions/matrasses 2019

    * new german Wiek-Trailer 2018 with 100km/h allowence

    * new 26sqm cambered junk-sail Weatermax80 with alloy battens + wooden glued yard

    * new mastcap stainless steel

    * new top-light (needs to be mounted)

    Hull is by now totaly empty and fitted out with a plywood floor to put sleeping-matrasses. We still keep the old interiour benches which can follow the boat.

    Deck/roof seams needs some caulking. To get sailing the rope-work needs to be finished. Until now we just have a halyard with Selden-blocks (new).

    We ask 15.000,-€ mainly because of new trailer, new engine and many new features.

    Blue Berry is based in Greifswald, Germany and ready to leave by trailer at half an hour :)

    Please send an email to ahoi@tuchwerkstatt.de

    All the best


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