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  • 09 Aug 2019 10:36
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    I am selling a 14.75m2 junk sail complete with mast, tabernacle and all running rigging. I fitted it to a trimaran I built (now sold) but I removed it as I was not confident of the structural integrity of the narrow trimaran hull to take the twisting loads in a big gust. 

    The sail has a nice built in camber and draws well. It’s built up in individual panels so easy to repair. The battens are 25mm anodised aluminium. The lowest batten or boom is bamboo. The mast is a 100mm x 3mm 5m aluminium tube with 1m of timber fitted to the top to, total length 6.2m. The sail bundle has a heavy canvas storage bag. The main halliard is on a 2:1 pulley. 

    The mast had a 600mm bury in the tabernacle which is made from hardwood epoxied together and is very strong. It has a 900mm bury below the pin level. The mast is easy to raise single handed and all running rigging, including lazyjacks, is included. The mast has been freshly primed with aluminium primer but does need a final coat or two.

    I am looking for the best offer over £500 ono for it

    Please ring Richard on 015395 65870.

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