Kingfisher K20 with trailer Project on Ebay UK

  • 16 Jul 2019 23:10
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    This boat definitely needs work but looks like it can be acquired for an amount that would make it worthwhile.
    The link to the ad on ebay:

    I have added the pictures below.

    This is what the advertiser has written:
    "Twin keel project boat selling on behalf of a friend, priced to sell quick!

    This was a fully working and functioning yacht prior to being taken out of the water at the start of the year for a tidy up.

    He has stripped it back and fitted new windows and the next stage was to give a fresh coat of paint and re-fit but do to unfortunate personal circumstance is no longer able to carry on.

    Everything is here to put it back together including an almost brand new full set of sails.

    The mast measures about 24ft and the boat itself is 20ft. Accommodation inside for 4, cabin up front, 2 small compartments then the main cabin.

    The trailer is galvanised and in good condition with exception of the brakes, I towed it for about 40 miles no problem and bearings all seem to be good.

    The tyre on lhs has good tread but sides are perished. Rhs tyre is perfect.

    There is no 12v battery as I've disposed of it. He was just using a car battery not a leisure battery and as it has been sitting its discharged and wont take a charge now.

    £50 deposit required upon end of sale & open to sensible offers....if you don't ask you don't get!"

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