Jordon series drogue (cones) for sale

  • 04 Dec 2018 14:09
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    I'm currently negotiating with a company to manufacture (in bulk) Jordon series cones. They follow the design laid out by sailrite. I have samples (see attached) that use 230D oxford polyester for the green cones and 420D for the orange. Both have waterproof coating (they use tent material), I don't have any accurate weights but I estimate the 230D to be 200gsm and the 420D to be around 350gsm. Its exceptionally strong rip-stop material. The webbing is nylon.

    Trouble is I need to order 1000 to get the best price. I need 100 for myself so have 900 to sell at cost price to fellow junk rig members. I'm based in the USA so price of around $2/cone does not include shipping. Just testing the water so i don't get stuck with 900 spare cones! You will still have to attach them to your anchor line and finish the project but the most tedious bit is making the cones. I'm probably going to order the orange, heavier duty cones but let me know if I'm over engineering this.

    Email me if you're interested (, or post on here if you have any suggestions/ questions.



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