Wanted: Small junk rig mast/sail (Washington State; possible pay for shipping)

  • 13 Dec 2023 14:20
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    Seeking a mast and junk sail for a 15 foot sailboat. Ideal mast height 15-20 ft. I'm located in Washington State but would pay for shipping if the ideal rig was available elsewhere. If you have a mast or sail in this size range you would be interested in selling, please feel free to contact me at cascadiarising42@gmail.com. Fair Winds!
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  • 14 Dec 2023 22:07
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    Decades and decades ago, I was a student at UW, so feel a special duty to reply to someone from WA.  In case your request for a mast and sail doesn't get you exactly what you want, have a look at David Omick's masts article in JRA magazine 89. He built four masts for his catamaran using piping.  He was Oregon based so same materials are probably available near you.

    His boat was bigger but he was spreading the sail area over several masts, so his were in the size range you are interested in for your smaller boat


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  • 15 Dec 2023 08:54
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    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for your reply. My father went to UW and it's always great hearing from someone who knows the area. I actually got some useful information from David's article as I was preparing for my first attempt at building a mast, I ended up going with a carbon mast which unfortunately wasn't appropriate for my boat. If I can't find a pre built mast I may end up trying a similar method to David with aluminum tubing. Just thought I'd reach out first in case there's anything out there that could be adapted to my vessel. 

    Fair Winds!

  • 18 Jan 2024 00:25
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    still wanted

  • 18 Jan 2024 04:25
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    Yes, still seeking a rig

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