"Drummer" Colvin Doxy 38" Junk-Rigged Schooner for Sale Dominican Republic

  • 16 Oct 2022 01:48
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    Hellooo everyone! I know I am not good at keeping up with social media but I am still out here sailing, and living on Drummer. I have now been living aboard for 15 years and cruising for 12 (between stints of work in Alaska). Three years ago I made Drummer an entire new set of sails out of Top Gun and forgot to post about it, even though it went really well. In 2019 we crossed the Panama canal to the pacific and sailed down to Ecuador before the pandemic arrived. Shortly after arriving there, and then getting locked down, a new Schooner came into my life, not as pretty or as sweet as Drummer, but bigger and more what we are going to need for the next few projects. As soon as we could, we sailed Drummer back up to Panama, and BACK through the canal with her and thrashed back to the eastern Caribbean to begin the major salvage operation on the new boat. I am still living on Drummer while gutting, replating and rebuilding this new wreck, but must list Drummer for sale, in the Dominican Republic, with the option for delivery to anywhere, in the coming year. (sob, hiccup).  Drummer is a Colvin Doxy 38’ comparable to a  Colvin Gazelle but larger in the interior and weighing in at 15 tons. She is an amazing vessel and has taken very good care of me. She is a heavy displacement 38' LOD, 51’’ LOA steel hull in good condition, with spares, storage, and systems all apocalypse ready. I was on my way to French Polynesia when this other thing came up. Currently Drummer is in the Dominican Republic. I made new (red) sails in 2019 so some pics don’t have them.Visit this link or email me if you want more info. svdrummer@gmail.com


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    Got a message from Margaret today. Drummer's still for sale. Anyone seeing this for the first time: Drummer was featured on the website home page in March this year, here is the link for the 2022 archive, you can scroll down and see it.

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