Crazy Pelican 18' Trailer sailer junk rig in Cornwall. £1950

  • 03 Sep 2022 12:50
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    Pelican 18 foot centreboard micro cruiser. Fascinating boat designed in San Francisco with a flat bottom, slab bow, chinese lug sail and alloy mast. Booms and battens in timber and recently refurbed, as well as the interior. The cushions are not from this boat and don't fit well, but you are welcome to them if required. Lots of info on Google about these designs but very rare over here - especially this 18' version with a centre cockpit, bowsprit, and two cabins! 

    I have never sailed this boat, I'm sorry to say, but bought her as a project many years ago with great intentions.  I've done loads of fettling to get her in shape but there will be more bits and pieces to do; not much though. Very sturdily built in ply and epoxy and almost ready to go but I've lost the will and winter is coming. Its been on the drive so long that someone has built an entire house in front of her so don't bring anything with too long a wheelbase to transport it!

    I used to tow it behind my Landy, hence the larger wheels on the trailer for clearance, but I have the original wheels and mudguards available. The galvanised trailer comes with it, as does the 6hp outboard which was tested working ok earlier this summer.

    This is a very reluctant sale as she doesn't take up much room, but someone out there might fancy a quirky boat....? Cheaper than a child's playhouse and a lot more fun.

    Located near Hayle in West Cornwall, but on a good trailer.




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  • 24 Sep 2022 13:36
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    Intriguing looking craft. Like a Mirror on steroids. What’s the sail area? 

  • 30 May 2023 17:45
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    Amazing thing. I saw one going around 2011 in Plymouth area, think it was painted green. Wondering if this is the same one?

    Certainly interested as it left quite an impression on me. Is it still for sale?

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