SOLD: Newbridge Coromandel with split-junk rig, Honda outboard and Hebridean windvane. North Holland

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  • 09 Mar 2022 14:37
    Message # 12651025

    Ready to sail immediately.

    Cruised every summer, including 2020.  Fresh antifoul. 

    An excellent boat in every respect. 

    Currently on the hard in north Holland (sailed from Portsmouth). 

    No trailer.

    Innovative split-junk rig with good performance in all airs, including light ones.

    Hebridean wind vane self-steering, built of American oak in 2018, 

    from the H1 complete kit:

    Honda BF5 outboard with very few hours use from new.

    Hull in very good condition.

    Pleasant and practical cabin, which I have enjoyed living in, while cruising

    for the last 4 summers.

    Inexpensive pontoon mooring can be easily transferred (North Holland) with winter secure on the hard.  All harbour fees paid up to 30 September 2022.  Yes, you may work on the boat in the yard.  The facilities are great: showers, cafe, free parking, etc.

    More details at

    Having sailed with Tammy Norie, Emmelène is in this video,

    especially around the 10’ mark:

    My email address is:

    Reason for sale: very sadly and suddenly, my dad died during the pandemic

    - and I am now taking care of my mum. 

    This means my time and financial resources have to be diverted elsewhere than cruising. 

    Several of you asked me to make a short video because the pandemic travel regulations mean that you can't come to Holland to view the boat.

    So I took this video last August (2021).   

    In case it's not obvious, the hole under the stern is the outboard-motor well.

    And the small gaps in the antifoul are simply where the straps went when the yard lifted her.  The underside is in good nick.

    I hope this video proves useful to you:

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  • 11 Mar 2022 04:50
    Reply # 12655298 on 12651025

    So sorry to hear the reason that the boat is for sale, Chris.  I hope she finds a good home and that other junkies give you the chance to get out on the water.

  • 11 Mar 2022 08:34
    Reply # 12655524 on 12651025

    I can only echo Annie's comments, Chris. Sad, but good luck with the sale. And, when Tapatya's in the water, you're welcome!

  • 12 Mar 2022 09:57
    Reply # 12658130 on 12651025

    Thank you very much, Annie and Tony, for your very kind comments.  

  • 30 Jul 2022 14:23
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    Now reduced to HALF PRICE.

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  • 30 Jul 2022 18:54
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    Chris, you're really giving this nice boat away! :(

    I imagine there are many people who would be glad to have such a wonderful and capable little boat, at such a low price, with new engine, windvane, radio, etc.

    What are they waiting for!

    Don't hesitate to advertze it through other channels.

    I really hope times will get better for you and you can find time to enjoy life, and go sailing again.

    We all go through difficult times in our life.

    But always give dreams a chance, and never stop hoping. You are the only one to know what you have to do, even if things don't always turn out the way you wanted.

    There is still plenty time ahead.

    Sincere regards,


  • 31 Jul 2022 14:21
    Reply # 12868422 on 12867742
    Anonymous wrote:

    Now reduced to HALF PRICE: 

    Chris, This now has to be the best bargain on the market for anyone interested in small junks with a modern state of the art rigl, and fully equipped for cruising. 

    And with all of August/September to get her safely to any port in Europe. 

    What are you would be junkies waiting for ??

    It does not get better than this.

  • 31 Jul 2022 21:32
    Reply # 12868676 on 12651025

    Thank you so much, Patrick and Edward, for your kind comments.

  • 02 Aug 2022 17:11
    Reply # 12870730 on 12651025

    Emmelène is now sold.  To a very nice gentleman, whom some on here may know!  

  • 02 Aug 2022 19:02
    Reply # 12870845 on 12651025

    Een pak van je hart man as they say in Dutch.


    Should you ever get the itch: Siskin is always available.

    Best regards,


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