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  • 11 Jan 2022 13:31
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    I am looking for a junk rigged boat with a cabin for day sailing and weekends so something like a Coromandel would be great. At present I sail a 26ft bermudian rig boat and would like something which is easier to sail singlehanded. There have been several boats on the market recently but all have required work and I want one in good condition although I am happy to do regular maintenance on her. 
    I live in Essex in the UK although would be prepared to travel within the same country for the right boat. I don’t want something for nothing and would be happy to pay a fair price. 

  • 09 Feb 2022 14:07
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    Hi Robert,

    I’ve just seen this post..

    I’m in the process of looking for a Westerly Fulmar at the moment. When I find one I’ll be selling BooTwo, my Sadler 25 with a Slieve McG Split Junk Rig on it. 
    I converted her from Bermudan rig in 2020, and am absolutely over the moon with the results, as soon as I get a larger boat I’ll set about converting that to SJR too.

    You mention a Coromandel so BooTwo may be larger than you are interested in.

    However I see we are both Marconi SC members!
    I’d be very happy to show you BooTwo and go for a sail once we’re back in the water just to satisfy your curiosity.
    Do contact me direct if you’d like a chat, my details are in the directory.

    Two junks at Marconi, now that would be something..

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