For sale Wharram catamaran, 46' Oro, aluminium, junk rigged

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    That cat has a very unusual detail (apart from being of aluminium):

    Then centre-mounted masts are un-stayed! Somehow the builder has managed to attach the two tabernacles to the deck structure in a sturdy way, and from then on the masts can be erected in ‘normal’ fashion. That takes some ingenuity.


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    In the detailed drop-down menu description;

    "Masts are tapered, free standing island fir trees, cut by us on Stuart Island, WA. They are finished with wax and mineral sprits.

    Mast steps are 1/4 inch aluminum, 4 foot high by 1 foot square.
    Mast steps are anchored with welded aluminum brackets to the beams. Mast beams are very large to support masts, along with fore and aft beams, under the deck, to take sail forces".

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