Free: JR conversion gear in Australia: Mast, partners, sail, etc.

  • 22 Nov 2021 05:55
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    JR conversion gear in Geelong, Victoria, Australia:

    Mast: Recycled Oregon (Douglas Fir), bi-conical, 8 stave (with another 8 stave insert in the bottom 2 metres), 9 metres long, 200mm at deck level tapering to 100mm at the top, weighing 87kg and covered in 8 layers of Norglass clear, UV stable polyurethane.

    Custom SS mast cap, as per PJR.

    JRA member Gary Pick built the mast and his excellent write-up gives a lot of detail about the construction of this mast.

    When I was sanding the mast back to bare wood I found a little rot in 2 places, which I dug out and filled with thickened epoxy and covered a wood piece.

    Sail & Batten bundle and running rigging: 30sqm sail with 8% camber, Odyssey III fabric, alluminium battens OD 44mm, wall thickness 2mm. Boom is number 1 then 1,2,3 and 4 are 4.77 m. Batten 5 is 4.91m and batten 6 is 5.18m.

    Yard: Hardwood 5m.

    Partners: I had a stainless steel fabricator make up mast partners in 316 stainless, using Arne's write-up, screenshots of SV Tapatya's mast partners, and a cardboard mock up I made. It's a 240mm tube with a flange welded at a 7 degree angle. The boat it was going to be installed onto had a 2 degree slant to the deck, and I wanted the mast tilted forward 5 degrees, thus the 7 degree slanted flange.

    I was planning to convert a Top Hat 25. Fortuitously, an already-converted Top Hat came up for sale and I snatched it up before I had begun hacking into my boat's foredeck. Thus I have these parts for sale.

    When I bought the mast from Gary I had a difficult time arranging transport. I ended up paying a car carrier guy to bring it the 1680km to my home, which cost an eye-watering $1200.

    Matt Waite


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    The gear is all gone, folks.

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