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  • 12 Nov 2021 23:30
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    I have no connection with the owner;

  • 13 Nov 2021 07:43
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    This is Quintet now based in Ballywater Ireland.

    I came very close to buying her sight unseen back in March of 2019 when she was for sale in Scotland at the same £5,000 ono as her present owner/seller is asking.

    The listing is in a FB group that some may not wish to join.
    I have therefore added some pictures of her below and suggest anyone interested might message the seller Stewart Robinson direct at his FB page.
    These are great little boats with proven trans Atlantic and bluewater capabilities.
    The way Quintet is set up she has port and starboard saloon bunks and the saloon table can be lowered to convert one of them into a double.
    Since her JR conversion she has storage instead of a v-berth.
    Replacing her flat sail with a cambered sail would do wonders for her performance.

    I have a decent file on her if anyone wants more info.

    That said, nothing is better than a personal inspection.

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  • 13 Nov 2021 10:08
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    Frankly, I would only regard that boat as a motorsailer. With a flat sail of (probably) no more than 30sqm on almost 3500kg displacement, she will be desperately slow in light winds. In headwinds and in a bit head sea her wide beam and shallow draft will not help. I also notice that the mast takes a visible bend even in what looks like very moderate winds.
    As she is now, she will be a demonstrator of the British first-generation junks  -  slow, slow, slow.

    The vessel itself  looks to be stout and capable and may be persuaded to sail a good deal better, but then she would need a new, taller and stronger mast and a new cambered sail of at least 40sqm.

    But, as said, as a motorsailer she may be fine.


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  • 15 Nov 2021 18:15
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    I just missed this boat in our summer 2021. (she was still in Scotland)

    I'm trying to contact the new owner, any help appreciated.

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