Fancy Dress Costumes FREE for all

  • 17 Dec 2012 20:01
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    FREE (from Copyright -mostly) from here  or find inspiration by googling fancy dress costume.
    To get your costume home (to your PC)
    Move your mouse over the image and right click.
    This drops you down a menu.
    Move your mouse down the list and left click on >save image as<
    This will save the image onto your PC. Usually it ends up the >downloads< folder.
    Not a bad idea to jot down at least part of the name of the image so you can find it again!  The JRA resizes large images, so you dont need to resize them yourself.

    Don't forget, your new costume will be seen on all your postings to all topics in the Yacht Club bar so do your best not to be offensive in your choice of attire. If you personally find someones taste in Party clothes not to your liking, please privately email them with a POLITE request to change their outfit. Remember it's Fancy Dress, not Fishing. So, NO CARPING.

    To wear your outfit for the party,
    First, make sure you're signed in to the JRA website

    Left Click on >View profile< at the top of the page (if you want to keep these instructions available, then right click on >view profile< and select >Open in new Tab<

    Left click on Grey button labelled >Edit profile<

    Scroll down and left click >remove/change<  (I'm not sure what is there if you haven't ever added a picture!)  Your old pic disappears and a browse buttons appears. Left click on it then find your costume image - usually in the downloads folder.

    Double left click on your costume (or left click on costume then left click on open) wait for it to upload.

    Whilst you're on the edit profile page, just take a few minutes to check that your details are correct. If it's a while since you last updated, watch out for the Junk rig sailing section where you can offer/request opportunities for Junk sailing.

    When you are finished, don't forget to click on the >save< button.

    I am unavailable for technical support or style counselling as Rene and I will be modelling our newly acquired 'Tarzan & Jane' outfits somewhere in the forests 700m up a hill in Sarawak. I kid you not. Well the forest and the hill bit, anyway.

    We may be gone some time....
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