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  • 15 Oct 2021 16:50
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    On Craigslist Los Angeles

    Since the borders are opening again..

    A 1963 Rawson C30, Junk rigged in 2011. With a 16 horse Beta Marine, Hydrovane and Dickinson heater.


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  • 16 Oct 2021 15:04
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    Anyone looking for a tough and very solidly built boat for solo, two or 2+1 up sailing and who might have ambitions to cross an ocean or 2 or 3 or go all the way around this is a boat well worth considering.

    Built in 1963 her hull is a solid uncored hand layup and she will likely have the solid uncored GRP deck rather than the later cored decks.

    This is Mark Hibdon's Rawson 30 
    Lady Arwen which was successfully converted to junk rig using a flat sail Boswell/Sunbird rig design. She was Boat of the Month on JRA in February 2015 (see screenshot in gallery below) and Mark seemed happy with her performance, but 554 sq. ft. doesn't seem to me to be very much sail for a heavy boat like that.

    A purchaser may want to sail her as is for a season but in my opinion the quicker she gets the max cambered sail she will handle the better.

    An extensive discussion on junk rigging a Rawson 30 can be found in the JRA General Forum here.

    From the pictures in the advert (if recent) she seems to have been well maintained and is equipped well already for longer distances with perhaps just the addition of solar etc. for power generation.

    I have added some larger format pictures of Lady Arwen that I have on file below.
    (Tip: If you right click on the thumbnails then select "open link in new tab" you can view them in full size.)

    As to the asking price my suggestion is negotiate hard as, in my opinion, it is a tad on the high side.

    Fair winds to all.


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  • 17 Oct 2021 14:57
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    Looks like a good solid boat ,very clean , I agree with Hans the price is too high 

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