"Djunkay" / Westerly 22 Junk for sale

  • 19 Aug 2021 20:48
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    Due to my health and lack of time, I have choosen to sell my Westerly 22, junk rigged and well equipped. On my profile, you can see photos from last year (more will follow). Also, I have a few videos on YouTube, search for "Djunkay, I am no sailor". This winter, I added a fforesail for light winds with a furler - system (and it works). The boat is well equipped with: New rudder / rudder shaft (stainless steel), VHF, solar system, new electricity, IAS, depht sounder, GPS, rudders (for the last bit of the Atlantic to shore), ropes renewed in 2020, wind vane (pacific light from 2019), 6HP Outboard and so on...

    the boat is located in Germany, in Lübeck (near the baltic sea) in a small harbour. Let`s talk about the price... I bought it for 5K including the wind vane (which ist worth at least 2K as we all know...), and put some 2,5K for this and that (clamps and new rudder and ropes and lights and fenders and cookers and an extra tiller for the outboard and so on... on top of that. So, we have to talk about the price...

    If there is anyone interested..., just send my a mail: ks-luebeck@web.de


  • 09 Sep 2021 02:07
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    Kay, your boat looks like a jaunty little ship that has been well-loved!  Any chance of posting some interior photos?  The schematic of the layout found amongst the photos in your profile doesn't really help much, as if doesn't give one a good sense of how much accommodation there is belowdecks, in particular because of the mast moving forward with the junk conversion.  If I could see what she looks like belowdecks, i would have a better sense of whether I would be interested or not.  Thanks in advance!

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