looking for 27ft long keel junk

  • 17 Jul 2021 10:18
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    My wife and me are looking for a seaworthy heavy - or medium displacement long keeled junk, between 26 an 28 ft long and between 3.5 and 5 t displacement, like a Vertue, Twister 28, Vancouver 27 or Koopmans Kustvaarder 1. We would prefer a fibreglass hull, but might consider steel, aluminium or plywood hulls as well. Though we can not aford a very new boat, it should be in a good condition, no restoration project.

    As we live in Germany, we are searching in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark or the south of Sweden.

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  • 05 Aug 2021 18:11
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    Not sure if it's still for sale as the post is old, but have you seen this: https://junkrigassociation.org/noticeboard_forum/9870863?tpg=5

  • 05 Aug 2021 21:37
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    as far as i know it's sold.

  • 10 Aug 2021 22:57
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    We have actually tried to buy her, but she was sold to somebody else. That was the reason I made this post.
  • 13 Aug 2021 21:35
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    As boats of the type, we are looking for, are more often found in Great Brittain, we extend our search on the South - and Eastcoast of the UK.

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  • 06 Jan 2022 14:36
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    We have recently bought a bermudan rigged boat, a dutch built 28 ft steel boat, Koopmans Kustvaarder I.

    As she has come with decent sails and standing rigging, we will go on sailing her under the bermudan rigg for the tiem being. Once the sails and standing rigging will need replacement, we will consider rerigging her with a junk rigg.

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