biplane rig dimensions and mast locations calculations.

  • 27 Jun 2012 01:43
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    Thank you David I will follow your recommendations; I didn't know the direct contact thing.

    yes all i can find on the sail spacing seems to suggest the same thing with the advantage that the biplane type configuration takes little interaction to keep sailing.

    We expect to use our cat for aid work and research this would leave my decks free for lots of uses rather than split the deck up into zones that may be unfavorable to some equipment. Thanks again
  • 26 Jun 2012 02:53
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    51ft cat, huh? Wow, that'll look impressive!
    Looking in the boats directory, I find China Moon, Eau de vie and Elsewhere with side by side JR (and Grand PHA, Tetis, and an un-named cat with side by side wingsails, which will still give valid guidance on fore and aft mast position). 
    I think your best bet, Ernie, is to contact these members (and also Pete Hill, who designed China Moon) directly, by using the "send message" button in their profile, since this is rather a niche subject that not many of us are qualified to speak on, and these folks may not be looking in on this forum. 
    All I can say is that I did a little theoretical study with a foil analysis program a while back, and found that so long as the masts were spaced apart by a distance equal to or greater than the width of the sails, there seems to be little unhelpful interaction between the two rigs, and the situation is no worse, and probably better, than that found in an inline, ketch or schooner rig. 
  • 24 Jun 2012 20:00
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    Good deal. its just a precaution on my part. Thank you for the reassurance. 
  • 24 Jun 2012 12:00
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    " this thread not devolve into arguments of what is better... please. "
    I think you're fairly safe here.:)
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    hi All Erica and I are new here (sorta) We have the Tari Tari a junk rigged sampan and so have some experience. Our next project is a 51 foot catamaran and we would like a rundown of the biplane rig itself and the business of locating the masts and sizing the sails for the hulls. 

    First i would like to hear the pros and cons of the biplane rig Without wing sails (sorry this whole boat needs to be repairable on the fly in nasty conditions). 

    Then i would like to hear the locating data for the mast then the sizing of the sails. 

    sorry for having to specify the order I kinda need it in a specific order for my poor ol brian to assimilate it. I suppose if folks want i can split he topics up but folks drift all over in this subject so it seemed appropriate to just open it up all at the same time. 

    Since i hang out at WBF and a couple other forums I would ask in advance that this thread not devolve into arguments of what is better... please. 
    Thanks in advance
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