Junk Rigged Trimaran

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  • 17 Sep 2020 23:39
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    If the boat is as good as it looks in the photo, then I think you have found a brilliant little cruising boat, Mark.  I'd love to have her for cruising Australia's Great Barrier Reef waters.  A trimaran is an excellent choice for junk rig conversion.  I discussed that some time ago with the American trimaran designer, John Marples, and he agreed.  I will watch you with great interest.  I recognise her as a Horstman design, his boats have an excellent reputation.

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  • 17 Sep 2020 20:16
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    Well done, Mark. What an adventure. I look forward to seeing how the conversion comes along - I have often wondered if an old-fashioned cruising tri would work well with a modern junk rig.

    I cannot join you for the trip North, but good luck!


  • 17 Sep 2020 18:46
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    Tristar 24

    I have put a deposit on a Horst Tristar 24, unseen as it is in Emsworth and I am near Fort William.  It was a bargain I could not refuse.....hopefully.

    She looks real sweet from the photo, and should make an easy conversion to junk rig.  With luck I may be able to recoup most of the re rig cost from selling the existing rig.

    Not sure what to go for, perhaps a copy of David’s wing, at 1.1t displacement not dissimilar.  Otherwise something a bit more simple to do for my first project.

    One issue, or opportunity for adventure is getting her up north.  All being well, I take ownership on the 15 October, and can leave her on the present mooring until end of March.  Should there be a good weather window the temptation would be to start the sail north soon, about 2 weeks going well, with the only overnight crossing the Bristol Channel.

    If any members would like a sail, to experience the fun of a small, quick, multihull, though unfortunately the hassle of a BM rig, you will be more than welcome. I will probably do a day sail or two before either setting off or packing her up for winter.  I intend to go up the Irish Sea, with short overnight stops. So lots of legs people can join for.  I understand she is in good order, and well equipped, though I intend to get a life raft, and probably an extra anchor.

    To keep more cash for the conversion, if anyone could help out with accommodation close to Emsworth (if I need an early train)  or another close by train station, that would be appreciated.  I also will have to get a pilot book and back up paper charts, which I am unlike to use again, but photo copies would suffice if anyone could help out.

    So looking forward to my next big adventure, I have either got an amazing bargain, or have been rather reckless.....time will tell! 

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