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  • 23 Jul 2020 10:31
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    This is a general request for people willing to participate in my new article series, where I engage junk rig sailors in conversation about their boats.  The focus of these articles is on the technical aspects of the vessels.  It does not matter whether you have crossed oceans or sail in local waters, whether you race, cruise or just go out for day sails, as long as you can discuss the design, construction, rigging, and sailing performance of your boats.

    It also does not matter if you lack the confidence to write an article.  I will ask you questions and edit your responses as required.  The material will be sent back and forth between us until we are both satisfied with the result.  One caveat is that the magazine editors have the final say, but generally, you can expect the published article to closely resemble our final draft of the manuscript.

    Some photographic illustrations will also be required.

    You can either respond to this post and I will contact you, or you can send me a private message via email.

    Thank you. 

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