China Blue and Tim McCloy

  • 23 Jul 2020 10:09
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    A photo has recently been posted on the Facebook International Junk Rig site showing the Jester replica, China Blue, in Millbrook, Cornwall, a couple of years ago.  In the photo, she looks a bit weather-beaten.  She may have just returned from a long voyage, since every other photo I have seen of her shows her to be smartly kept.  It spurred my interest, as I have been harbouring a desire to interview her skipper, Tim McCloy, if he was willing, for a JRA magazine article.  Does anybody know where she is now, and if Tim might be willing to engage in an interview (via email)?  I seem to remember that somebody in the JRA knows Tim and has sailed in company with him.

    The little I know is that the boat was sailed out to Kenya from England by a young couple, who then sold her to Tim.  He sailed her back to England, and has since participated in a number of Jester Challenge events plus other Atlantic voyages.  It sounds to me like a story rich in anecdote and useful information.

    If you have some information to share, you can send me a private message via email if you wish.  Thanks.

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