Old Compasses

  • 28 Jun 2020 08:04
    Message # 9065233

    My very neglected boat came with a Ritchie bulkhead compass complete with a big air bubble in the dome. For a couple of reasons I preferred to fix this compass if possible. It is a nice unit with a card that is easy to read and is fitted in a hole to suit in the front of the cockpit, about the only place suitable. It turns out the rubber shroud behind the dome was perished and leaking. After searching online and trying to deal with the local agent in frustration I decided to repair it myself. Rather the replace the rubber shroud I cut a piece of builders plastic sheet and clamped that over the leaking item using the existing alloy part and refilled the compass with parrafin $3.50 from the local hardware store. So I have great compass for a handful of dollars, dont you love it when you have a win!!

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