Ferrocement junks in China

  • 21 Apr 2020 10:22
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    The following post relating to ferrocement junks in China appears in another thread:

    "Thanks for the reference Arne, I just love those old JRA magazines. The ferrocement pair trawlers look very odd for ferrocement, with those high unsupported bulkheads and flat sections. They don't seem to be floating too low in the water though. They appear to have water-pipe rail caps.

    Bulwarks are best not made in ferro. And double compound curves suit the material best."

    Following up on this I found a photocopy of Journal of Ferrocement vol 19 No 3 July 1989 with an article entitled "Ferrocement Vessels in China" which outlines three decades of building ferrocement vessels over a period of three decades, commencing in 1958 - building on a truly industrial scale. The article contains illustrations, and interestingly, three of the photographs show sailing work vessels.

    The photos are scans of the old photocopy, so not very good not, but interesting I thought, because there are three different shapes of sail shown here.

    The caption is: "17.1m  65000 kg dwt coastal sailing vessel ... commissioned in Fujian and Guangdong Provinces in 1968..."

    "16m 15,000 kg dwt inland river sailing vessel in the Minjiang River, Fujian Province"

    "A ferrocement seine netter in Taihu lake, built according to its wooden prototype..."

    This looks like an interesting rig - but I am fairly sure there is another vessel in the background. In fact the two vessels are probably pair-seiners (a method banned in NZ for as far back as I can remember, though I have seen it done).

    I wouldn't be surprised if this "pair" is actually the same vessel as the "pair trawler" shown in the photo which Arne referred to (at the top of this post.)

    Perhaps these ferrocement boats are the last sailing genuine working junks built in China (not counting recent replica vessels.) 

    ps Jim C. will be interested: another issue of the magazine shows a photograph of Martin Iorns visiting a ferrocement boat factory - he must have been invited over there as a "foreign expert". An interesting time to be in China.

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