Sorry for going 'dark' for so long...

  • 21 Apr 2020 09:23
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    Thanks everyone!

    I feel welcome.

    I'm sure Fantail would be a wise choice, but I'm still a while off actually getting things going. But best of luck with the sale Annie.

    Nice to connect with one of Mariposa's previous owners.

    Bye for now, I'll be lurking on the fora absorbing everyone's wisdom...


  • 20 Apr 2020 23:37
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    There is also a junk rigged Lidgard 30 footer on Trademe that has circumnavigated and done extensive cruising.

    3 skin Kauri Lidgard 30 Ocean Capable Yacht

    Listing #: 2576387303

    Fantail is Listing #: 2511018630

  • 20 Apr 2020 21:50
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    Good to see you back on board, Matt.

    Fantail is for sale.  Probably more money than you want to spend, but you could have taken her anywhere a Raven could go, when I sold her, and she is a fine liveaboard, if you are not too tall.  And, of course, you get a built-in adventure sailing her back home.  Assuming we are allowed to go a-voyaging again.  Sometimes it's actually quicker, easier and cheaper to save money for a good boat than to refit a really run-down one.  And you could always sell the motor bike ...

  • 20 Apr 2020 10:19
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    Yes, that is the Top Hat I was talking about.  It would add several thousand dollars to truck it to Melbourne, unfortunately.  I even thought of buying it myself and transferring everything off Blue Moon, since the hull and deck would be much better than mine.  But I would have to redo a huge amount of the work I did this summer and the coasts would escalate.

    As soon as the restrictions ease, I expect I will hightail it out of Mooloolaba, though not sure yet where I will go.  I do not have room aboard for guest to stay, unfortunately, having chosen storage over berths.  Daysails might be ok.

  • 20 Apr 2020 08:51
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    Hey Graham,

    Thanks. Are you talking about this Mark I Top Hat:

    Very tempting, a blank canvas, but getting her from Gladstone to Victoria, if i had space to store her and start work, would be pretty pricey...

    I didn't know that about the Mark I, II, III etc. I'll keep my eyes out for a Mark I then.

    Yes, i saw your lovely new sail from Mr Thompson, very nice.

    When this all blows over, who knows, i might even come and visit you in sultry Mooloolabah!

  • 20 Apr 2020 05:16
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    Good to see you back on Deck, Matt.  John Lennon supposedly said that life is what happens to you while you are busy planning other things.  You can buy Top Hat's quite cheaply and I am sure they will soon be even cheaper.  There is a Mark One for sail in Bundaberg for about $1000. No rig or sails and everything needs refurbishing, but if it wasn't so far away from you it would make a good base to build up a junk cruiser.  The Mark One is a very solid build.  My version, the Mark Three, is far less well-built.  For ocean cruising I would prefer a Baker-built Mark One, but the Mark Two and Three are ok for coastal work, picking your weather.  I have been in a number of gales at sea, and two full storms, and cannot comprehend taking this boat across an ocean.  Maybe if I filled it up with foam and lived in a small cave amidships, ha ha!  I have ditched the junkette rig and now have a cambered junk sail built by Paul Thompson but am yet to take it sailing.  Instead, I am carrying on with various projects aboard.  Perfect weather for going north this week. Makes my feet itch!

  • 20 Apr 2020 03:48
    Message # 8910030

    I recently became reacquainted with Paul Thompson and Graham Cox on Facebook, and that’s prompted me to post here on the JRA fora.

    I feel I need to explain my absence because I feel a little embarrassed.

    I was very active on here in the lead-up to, and during, my ownership of Mariposa, a junk-rigged Contessa 26 I bought from Peter Scandling in 2015. I plied JRA members with a barrage of silly questions which were patiently answered, and I made some friends, both online and in person.

    Then I suddenly went ‘dark’. I’ve remained a paid-up JRA member, but merely lurk on the fora reading posts and not contributing. I’d like to apologise for that.

    By way of explanation, though not excuse, I’d gone off a little half-cocked in my adventure. Didn’t quite have my ducks in a row enough to be able to escape to the sea. A couple of minor family and financial calamities meant I had to scurry back to Australia, tail between my legs, and leave Mariposa with a broker to sell. I don’t know who has her or where she is.

    The dream of voyaging aboard a small junk-rigged boat has not diminished, it’s just been in the back of my mind while I build up the savings, and handle some other responsibilities. I’m still a single parent, though my daughter lives independently, apart from needing a few hundred dollars from time to time. I lost a parent last year and the other one won’t be around forever, so that ties me to the shore somewhat too.

    To scratch the ‘freedom’ itch I returned to my first love, motorcycling, which really is an iteration of the concept of ‘freedom’, albeit one that’s much less of a lifestyle than a pastime.

    I hope to buy myself a Top Hat 25 when the time is right for me. They’re cheap enough, but the time will be right for me when I have space and time to re-fit/modify one.

    That’s why I became reacquainted with Graham; I’m watching with interest his progress with his ‘junkette’ and his experiences living aboard. I spent some time aboard a Top Hat some years ago while I was living on a Compass 28, and was impressed with her, found that she had much more useable space than the Compass, despite being three feet shorter.

    So, sorry for going so quiet, it’s a bad social habit of mine and I’ll endeavour to not be so neglectful in the future, of folks who have been so friendly and helpful.

    I’m living simply in rural Victoria, Australia, working as a teacher. I usually get sent by my employer to teach in China, but obviously, that’s on hold until COVID-19 is conquered. I’m starting online teaching tomorrow with my Chinese students and I’m NOT looking forward to it. Given their low level of English, I anticipate making little progress on the course.

    I hope everyone’s managing their respective lock-down rules and looking forward to returning to a new normal when it’s all over.



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