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    I have just seen that our Webmaster made exactly the suggestion some minutes ahead of me on another thread.  Therefore, if the above is now superfluous our Webmaster will remove it, and this!  jds
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    It never ceases to amaze me the amount of good junk rig information that keeps arriving on the web site.  I would not wish to put a damper on anyone but I do offer one small suggestion.

    "Another Write Up" now covers a number of subjects.  It might be helpful if our prolific authors were to start new threads with appropriate subject titles or place new writing in exisiting appropriate threads.

    If necessary I am sure that the Webmaster or Chairman would offer advice as to where to place specific information

    However, keep it coming! 

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  • 07 Oct 2012 17:59
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    Arne Kverneland wrote:

                        A white sail for Edmond Dantes

    I've just finished editing issue 60 of the JRA magazine. It's bursting at the seams, or I'd hold it back to add this in. Instead, I've started up my folder for "material for issue 61", and these two files are early entries into it.
  • 07 Oct 2012 17:45
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    There seems to be a fault in the system. I can't make the link work in this forum, but the document is certainly there, and in the right place, and the link works on your page.  I'll send a message to WA support.
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    Stavanger, Sunday

    The autumn is back, with rather cold rain, and the first snow can be spotted in the mountains far to the east of us, so I have started the keyboard captain season here. Now I have finally finished and uploaded Part 2 of ...

    A white sail for Edmond Dantes, part 2

    to "my" page here (bottom of Letters section). This tells about the rigging and testing of the sail. It consists mostly of photos with a few comments in between. No great prose.

    Cheers, Arne

    PS: For some reason I could not make the link to the PDF file work (try yourself on "A white sail...) so I had to make a link to the file on my Dropbox folder under that "here" in red font. Does that work for you?                                                  

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  • 20 Jul 2012 18:50
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                                                                              Stavanger, Friday

                        A white sail for Edmond Dantes

    Now I just uploaded another photo article (2.5MB, pdf format). It is about how a new white sail for Edmond Dantes was constructed, last month. You find the article on "my" page here and the file, sitting in the "Letters" section, is named...

    "20120704, A white sail for Edmond Dantes"

    It is a draft, but will have to do for now until I one day replace it with a proof-read version.

    Cheers, Arne

    PS 23rd July: Now I have uploaded the hopefully final version, after Annie Hill has proof-read the text for me. The file name is the same,  but with "Ver. 20120723" added.

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  • 22 Jun 2012 13:40
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    Edward Hooper wrote:Hei Arne,
    The link works perfectly.  Nice to see Broreman going like a train in F3.
    Does she have same sheet set up as Joanna?

    Yes, very recently I changed her sheet from the Pilmer type to the more anti-twist Johanna type. This proved to improve her close-windedness, in particular with 2 and 3 panels dropped. As you see, the telltales at the leech of all the panels ar standing well. At full sail the two top panels now indicates a stall (by dropping behind the sail) a bit before the lower panels, but when reefed (which I do quite often) all the telltales falls behind the sail almost simultainously as I fall off and stall the sail.


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  • 22 Jun 2012 08:35
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    Hei Arne,
    The link works perfectly.  Nice to see Broreman going like a train in F3.
    Does she have same sheet set up as Joanna?
  • 21 Jun 2012 11:54
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                                                                           Stavanger, Thursday

                                   Links to YouTube videos

    I have uploaded a little Word file to "Arne Kverneland’s page" here under a new section called Video. It will contain links to video clips that I up-load to YouTube. So far the page only has one link to a 45second clip taken yesterday. It shows the world as seen from the helmsman’s position of my dinghy Broremann.


  • 11 May 2012 08:17
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    Arne, thanks for reminding me that I should be placing more of my notes into my pages on the web site.

    I’ve spent a lot of time trying to produce a table that would give all the answers to the Round and Broadseam calculations, and each attempt has ended up with more work for the sail maker to do. My original spreadsheet is still the simplest way to do the sums, so now I’ve tidied it up so that it is only necessary to put 3 numbers in three boxes to complete the calculations for a parallelogram panel. Arne has seen it and 1) suggested colouring the print to highlight the input boxes, and 2) using his knowledge of a foreign language, correct my spelling in my native language!!!

    After many experimental calculations at the beginning I ended up using what I called a ‘Round Factor’ (fudge factor) to work out the rounding and has been built into the spreadsheet from the beginning, and if I remember correctly I used 0.5 or 50% for the main panels on Poppy, which were not critical. It has crept up with later designs, but has always been between 50 and 56%. The figure of 55% that Arne is quoting on page 4 of his 'Chain Calculator' seems to tie up well with the figures I've been using.

    With luck I should get the spreadsheet and explanation into my notes on the web by the end of the weekend. The details of the combined downhaul/ batten parrels should follow shortly.

    Cheers, Slieve.

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