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  • 16 Dec 2019 09:58
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    Hi Mark, what part of Australia are you in?. I'm on the west coast.

  • 15 Dec 2019 01:17
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    Luis, who owns the Uruguayan "Swaggie" is a member of the JRA.  Just go the Membership Directory and go to Uruguay on the list of countries: he is the only member who lives there.

    I seem to remember that John Welsford didn't get the design for the rig quite right and that Pete Hill helped Luis sort it out when he was in Uruguay several years ago.

  • 13 Dec 2019 05:28
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    Thanks to everyone who answered me. Yes she is small but with it seems a big interior which is what I want. I've always been interested in what I would call the unusual in boats & rigs but after reading my long ago acquired copy of Annie Hill's revolutionary book I'm sure its the rig for me especially as I'm in my mid-60's now with a gammy knee so dancing on the foredeck foredeck is not a good idea.  I have boat builder/sailmaker friend in the Philippines who can help get at least the hull built as I'm not sure I'm really up to building her entirely on my own.  This would be a great start & having lived overseas before I would like to do it again & leave Sydney behind for a while. Thanks to everyone & if anyone has any further info please get in touch. Mark

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    Thank you so much for that – should have tried looking it up, before counting on my memory! I haven't had my subscription to Small Craft Advisor for several years now, so completely missed that there is now a book about that. Thanks for that too :-)


  • 12 Dec 2019 20:35
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    Welcome to the JRA. I looked at a 'Swaggie' several years ago.  She looks like a great little boat, but was too small for my plans.  You've probably already googled Swaggie and will have seen the photos of the one built in Uruguay.  For the size of boat she has a huge interior.  I look forward to seeing progress.

    Shemaya I think you are slightly confused,  the design that ended up on the rocks was a JW Sundowner design built and sailed by Charles Whipple.  The Swaggie is a smaller boat than that.  There was a book written about the whole adventure from build through to loss called Ship of Dreams.  


  • 12 Dec 2019 10:25
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    That is such a great little boat – how exciting that you are looking at building one. I'm only familiar with the one that was built a few years ago, with a long series of articles in Small Craft Advisor following the build. The boat heartbreakingly went on the rocks, in the kind of crashing surf from which nothing was left, although the owner did get ashore safely thanks to a helicopter rescue.

    It would be great to see one of these boats sailing again, and with a junk rig!


  • 10 Dec 2019 01:27
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    Hi I'm new to the JRA but not to sailing & have acquired the plans for John Welsford's 'Sswaggie design, some time ago.  I'm hoping to get going sometime in the next 18 mmonths, finishing a small lug rigged dinghy at the moment.  Does anyone have eexperience with this design? I would like to meet anyone in OZ especially who has built/sailed one & is keen to help a budding owner. Regards Mark

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