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  • 14 Oct 2019 01:51
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    I found this photograph (on the internet) of a Chinese junk on shore in a boatyard in Portugal. 

    The boatyard is at Olhao, Algarve, Portugal. Evidently it has been abandoned there and has been there for four years. Someone has told me it is free for the taking, if anyone wants it! Another unconfirmed report is that “this boat was given by the Chinese to an Englishman who sold it to a Portuguese man who moved it here four years ago…” Apart from that, I have not been able to learn a thing about it, and I am curious to know its name, where it came from and how it ended up in Portugal. Does anyone know?

    Next question concerns this little replica junk. Does anyone recognise it, and able to furnish any information on it? (PS that looks like an interesting and practical way to sheet the mizzen.)

    Third question: I have put together a brief article, not sure yet if it will go into the JRA magazine, summarising what I have been able to find out about the junk Cocachin which some of you will remember was written of so eloquently by Dr. Wayne Moran in the early JRA  newsletters. As some of you will know, she did a coastal yoyage under Moran's ownership, but the dreamed-of Marco Polo voyage was not able to take place and she was subsequently sold. (A crew member Rex Warner subsequently chartered the Precious Dragon and did complete that voyage, but that's another story.) I am still a bit short of information on what happened to Cocachin after she was sold - I can find only that in 2009 she appears to have been used for promotional purposes by the Chinese Olympic Committee and was at that time berthed at the White Swan Hotel pier on Landao island in Guangzhou. From this I am assuming she is now under the ownership of some Chinese bureau, but that is only a guess. Has anyone seen or heard of this vessel or know anything of its whereabouts in the 21st century?

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