TELEPORT's New Owner

  • 07 Oct 2019 22:12
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    This September I was in Vancouver and Nanaimo for 20 days. I had the great fortune to meet TELEPORT's soon-to-be new owner. 

    In an earlier post, I reported the young man who bought TELEPORT from Jess and Chris Bray had failed in his attempt to sail off to Australia, leaving her in the care of someone who agreed "to keep an eye on her" for some unspecified length of time. He hasn't been seen since he cannot be located. Even the Coast Guard can't find him. I learned from Jess that that person is Gene Ouelette, a local commercial fisherman who happens to own the dock to which Teleport was towed. Gene's son, Paul, lives in Vancouver. I contacted Paul and he arranged for a meeting between the three of us. We had a great chat, I explained a few things, and caught up her recent history and condition. We are determined to keep in touch. I understand that she is considered an abandoned vessel. Gene is in the process of claiming ownership. I don't know how this works but I will eventually. She has been beached, bottom painted and tied up to the wharf.

    I've offered to help out and volunteered to serve as crew for some local cruising around Prince Rupert if that is in the cards. Since my daughter is presently living in Vancouver, I'm likely to be visiting BC every year. Paul tells me his father flew back to Prince Rupert inspired. He will de-provision the boat and get her going again. The hull seems not to be leaking, so far as he can tell. Of course, I'm delighted to see her in responsible and appreciative hands again. 

    I will keep you updated.

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