Have a Fantastic 2012!

  • 03 Jan 2012 20:11
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    Hi Young JRA Salts ~ Or all of you who have the Sea in your blood!


    I hope that this article will find you well and happy, bobbing on the water somewhere, warm and cosy.

    It’s been a magical year for me and I hope that the same has been for you. JRA contributed to my happiness too, this year and in the past, since it helped to set me off on my sailing dream life-path.  For that I sincerely thank Robin, Mandy and JRA.

    A year ago when my sailing campaign started I had no idea what it might bring.  Since then I spent all of my 6 weeks holiday sailing in the UK, Baltics, Nordics and Canaries with the people I met for the first time. They all would be happy to have me back, we stayed friends, and I plan to sail with them again.

    I sailed more than 1000 nautical miles and had some memorable experiences. From the cosiness of the cockpit I was watching the death approaching fast. AIS was sounding an alarm for 18nm ferry that will be right upon us in 8 minutes. I thought I was going to die.

    However, there were many good memories too. I sunbathed everywhere and at every opportunity: in a cockpit, on a pulpit, along the beaches and while walking.  We sipped wine under moonlight in secluded anchorages, walked in baking sunshine to deserted coves, and soaked ourselves in marina pools. I danced, sang and even smoked a cigar. 

    I was so inspired by my sailing experiences that I enrolled at the Coastal Skipper course in September. I have just passed the theory exam with *****. I am thrilled and about to enrol on the practical course in February. I bought good thermal gear and will be sailing this winter – my preferred sailing time.

    Not only that, I also asked for additional 5 weeks holiday, giving me 10 weeks in total for sailing trips. I will be over the moon and the whole of the solar system if this were to be approved!  As well as looking for sailing opportunities I am now looking for someone who would be happy to assist me / coach me on my path to gaining the Coastal Skipper qualification.

    I remain happily single, surrounded with many loving friends, truly feeling free, loved, happy and fulfilled from within and besotted with Mr Sea. My heart radiates sunshine at his vast expanse.  My ambition is to become a Skipperess of the High Seas. My sailing campaign continues in earnest.

    On a professional side - With my usual enthusiasm and tenacity I found a position within a new division that was formed last year. I spent a year grappling with complexities of many global Client and Portfolio systems trying to make some sense of it all. It’s been a hell of a ride but one that I enjoyed much. Most of my colleagues by now have dropped off, while I am left to spell out global client data approach and then to work on its deliverables. What a bliss, I hope that I (and the financial world) will survive it!

    As for the past I have been messing about in boats all my life. From those childhood days in Croatia I had a strong fascination for the sea. At one point I had 5 boats and no house and have been living on the water in London for the past 20 years. Mountaineering and rock climbing challenges captured my imagination for number of years but I remain besotted by the sea. 

    I started with dinghy sailing and then bought and fully refitted (engine included) my own junk-rig yacht and sailed it for 3 years around Medway/Dover/Thames.

    ·     I am a passionate sailor, keen to gain more sailing experience towards practical qualification of Coastal Skipper 

    ·     I am practical, well organised, enthusiastic, energetic, non-smoker, non-drinker, sociable and great company to be with

    ·     I love exploring new places but even more so a long passages at sea

    ·     I don't get sea sick, love winter sailing and strong winds

    ·     Sailing references happily provided.

    I am looking for crewing opportunities / sailing companionship:

    ·     weekend sailing in UK, or

    ·     cruising in Adriatic, Med or anywhere around Europe, or

    ·     further afield, long-term

    I am bright, keen and quick to learn with a wealth of practical boating experience that just needs to be consolidated. In return I would be happy to dedicate more time to a long-term regular cruising and to become one of your permanent crew. 

    I am confident that some of you would be able and happy to assist me / coach me on my path to gaining Coastal Skipper qualification.

    Hope to hear from some of you on any offers or suggestions you might have in fulfilling my sailing dreams and the Coastal Skipper qualification.

    Sending you many salty regards with my sincerest best wishes for A Happy New Year!  Have a Fantastic 2012!  The odds seem to be set against most of us, but who cares, let’s all roll in happiness and with joy! 

    Linda Crew-Gee

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