Batten Parrels

  • 07 Jul 2019 00:47
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    On Arion I initially used 8mm braided rope.  I later put rubber hose over the rope to see if it would reduce friction but the parrels tended to tangle.  Then I switched, following Arne's example, to 50mm nylon webbing, the same as you might find in car seat belts (good for crash gybes, ha ha), and the reduction in friction was significant.  I would not use any other sort of parrel now.

  • 07 Jul 2019 00:41
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    I now use Dyneema rope (the type without a cover) and insert it through 25mm hollow webbing. The webbing stops tangles and gives additional UV protection. Dyneema does not stretch so holds the sail closer to the mast on the"bad" tack. Which is desirable.

  • 06 Jul 2019 18:10
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    My first batten parrels were 10mm rope. These tended to catch each others as I was to hoist the sail.  I have later only used webbing, between 15 and 25mm wide. I can't say what they were made of, polyester or nylon. I once polished a mast after some use, and that cut a good deal of the friction.


    PS: The geometry of the sail can aid or prevent the sail in moving easily up and down. One friction factor is short batten parrels. If the mast is jammed at the aft end of the batten parrels, the sail will be reluctant to move.

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  • 06 Jul 2019 17:56
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    Hi all. What materials are people using for batten parrels? Polyester braid, webbing strap? what material has been found to slide up and down the mast and not tangle up.



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