Haida 26 - possible convert to Junk Rig

  • 04 May 2019 11:31
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    Any Kiwi's out there interested in converting a pocket cruiser to JR, I reckon this Haida 26 for sale in Nelson fits the bill.  Seems well outfitted, with self steering as well.  I think he asking a good 8-10K more than she's worth being a vintage GRP boat, so I reckon you could easily knock him down to about $13-15K.  It's been for sale for some time, as of course, anything without 6' foot 6" headroom and lots of beam, is anathema to seemingly lots of Kiwis.

    Be great to see some other JR boats round Kiwi waters of my size to have a fun "race" against Pango !  Annie will be joining the '26 Foot Club' soon (?!) when she launches Fanshi....and then there is Fantail, though not sure what part of the country she sails these days.

    Anyway, just a thought for Kiwi JR enthusiasts, be they members of the JR Assoc. or merely lurkers to this site.  The more the merrier, especially the pocket cruisers!

    And oh, it has the requisite black topsides of the JR Fleet in NZ!  

    Edit 2:
    A few quick google searches indicates these little Haida's have done some remarkable offshore voyages.  

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