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  • 19 Apr 2019 15:55
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    Graham, I am an Aussie living in Newport Rhode Island USA, home of the finish line typically for the OSTAR.  In 1996 I spotted an unusual rig from the southern "Cliff Walk" and grabbed the telescope and saw it was a junk rig.

    I called Newport Yacht Club, the organization that handled the finish and asked if they were expecting any more finishers.  They indeed said yes, Jester and she is way overdue.

    Needless to say club members got underway and went and welcomed him.

    I subsequently introduced myself to him alongside Jester docked at the Museum of yachting where I think the boat sat for a while.

    He survived on rice and was well rested on arrival.  He was a gracious competitor and your mention of him reminded me of this fond and random association I had with him.

    Not many folks outside our JRA would recognize that rig....or that competitor.  In our world he was a rockstar.

  • 15 Apr 2019 02:25
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    While talking with a BBC journalist who is writing a biography of Dr David Lewis, we got onto a subject close to both our hearts, Mike Richey and Jester.  I might have to persuade Ben to write a biography of Mike once he is finished with David. I'd dearly love to write it myself, but you'd need to be in Britain to do the research.  It is a pity Mike did not write an autobiography, as he was an eloquent writer.  Looking up something Ben told me, I discovered a brilliant article in an old copy of Cruising World magazine, which can be read online (find the link in the Wikipedia entry for Mike, or just Google the article directly).  It is called Last but not Least, by Herb McCormick, Cruising World, February 1997, pp28-36.  Wonderful portrait and evocative photos.

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