should I buy a Colvin gazelle 42'?

  • 04 Feb 2019 12:16
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    Welcome, Andrew.

    If you go to the directory of JRA members, and enter Gazelle into the search box that you'll find there, you'll get a list of members who either own or have some knowledge of the Gazelle. The quickest way to get their input would be to contact them individually, by email.

    I'll just say that the alarm bells rang when you mentioned putting carbon on to an aluminium pole. They are near the opposite ends of the galvanic table, and rapid corrosion occurs when they are next to each other and salt water acts as the electrolyte in a battery. Gazelles generally have stayed masts, made from an aluminium or steel tube. Either should work, but I'll leave it to the Gazelle owners to give you the sizes.

  • 04 Feb 2019 10:42
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    • Hi from Australia, welcome to my brief introduction. by the end I will have turned into capn jack sparrow ... until then, I am flirting with the idea, of buying a Colvin gazelle 42. the reason being, I was going to go travelling but the idea, of floating about seems different , I am an artist and like to carry gear, canvass, instruments, cameras, etc, and lugging that all about seems tedious. so I came across a story about a small boat called Portal, you may know, Australian couple, and I was like Dammm, thats a pretty sail, I then read 50 advantages of a junk rig, and was sold on easy to sail, and easy to mend. besides the look. so the other reason I may end up with Galia, built by builders of madam womb a 48'er, Is that the owners are crook, and no one wants to buy it, it need a bit of TLC, a new jib, a bit of rust work, and potentially new mast and rigging. now the only reason I would take this on, is its doable, as I am a builder, and have just added welder to my accolades, but I may be able to put a deposit and pay off over 6-12 months. the mast is some sort of spiralled steel. hardly light. so I am thinking any other material would be better. I was wondering if I bought a second hand aluminium pole, and wrapped it in carbon fibre I might get a strong post at a cheap price. any way, if I do get it, I will have fun doing upgrades, as its a bit tired and will prob love new rigging, and I guess ill find jobs at every turn. much to learn. one thing that is against the sale is I am 6'2" and the ceiling below aint but a whisker taller. the aft bed is not for siting up. so it feels a little small for my build. which short people need to learn, that tall  people dont fit in many things. where short people can ride any horse, sleep in any bed, and generally not hit or scrape their heads. so dont be jello! I have never sailed one yet, and she doesn't have any form of cabin, so I am also worried about cold weather, and wet weather, all of which tends towards exposure!, was it designed as a summer boat? has any one lived aboard in all conditions, and how did you manage? I see them with an arked sun visor, any way hello and thanks for the forum!
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