Small is beautiful, part II - getting Broremann back in business

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  • 04 Jul 2011 01:06
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    Hi Arne,
    I found your letter on re-rigging Broremann very interesting. I particularly liked the masthead fitting made from webbing. Considering that this is the method that many big race-boats use to attach the sheet and vang to the boom, to decrease the possibility of metal fatigue and stress concentrations, I think there are good reasons for us to do likewise. I think it's worth thinking about attaching the halyard to the junk rig yard this way.
  • 01 Jul 2011 10:36
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Stavanger, Fri

    Hi all

    During my fitting of a new mast for Broremann this spring, I took a number of photos. I have now edited them into a little photo letter called...

    "20110630, Getting Broremann back in business"

    It is found under the public pages/Arne Kverneland's Files

    Not great prose, I'm afraid, but I hope you like some of the photos.

    Cheers, Arne

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