Junk or gaff?

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  • 18 Jan 2011 21:50
    Message # 499796
    Hello group,

    I'd been fantasizing about buying a junk-rigged boat for years, before I bought a de-rigged Gazelle last winter. However, that boat turned out to be a dud (bigger restoration than I had bargained for + paperwork problems + just too far away from me). Now I'm looking for a boat again.

    I've come across a beautiful Colvin pinky schooner in excellent, sail-away condition, for a good price. It's a gaff-rigged schooner. I've never sailed on a gaffer before.

    Does anyone here have experience with that rig, or with gaff sails in general? Are they handy rigs for single-handing? I know, I know, nothing is as handy as a junk... but I am 26 and energetic :)

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