Boat names - where to put them?

  • 14 Jul 2013 11:00
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    Thank you Annie, felt inclined to do it that way myself. Should look cleaner too.
  • 14 Jul 2013 10:48
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    I’d say either way can work well, on the quarter or on the bow. BTW, if you go to Youtube and search on RS14 Stavanger, you will see some great sailing.


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  • 14 Jul 2013 03:15
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    On a double-ended boat, I think the name looks good on each quarter.  Myself, I'd put the Chinese characters under it and wouldn't bother with a port of registry - you don't have one on the SSR anyway.  I'd put the SSR numbers in the cockpit - visible but not intrusive :-)
  • 13 Jul 2013 16:16
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    Where would/did you put it? Since Tin Hau is a double ender there isn't much of a transom. I'm thinking of either putting it on the bow or both sides aft. Since I'd also like to write the name in chinese characters (tian and hou), would you place them over, under or next to the latin ones? Then of course, there's the question where to put the port of registry (although not a requirement for Part III registrations, could just put the SSR number on the cabin top).

    Still undecided 
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