Seeking info: Kris Larsen and Kehaar (not been heard of for seven months)

  • 14 Jul 2024 10:19
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    Graham, I now realise that you were the original poster of that June 23rd update, and also the author of the wonderful Hall of Fame article!

    Kris Larsen has made a real impression on me, as Slocum, Moitessier and Blondie has for older generations. Reading about his life has awaken in me a longing for that self-reliance and freedom that he seeked. I don't think I have it in me to live quite like Kris, but I share many of his values and admire his commitment to his ethos. Thank you for introducing me to this very special sailor and human being.

    If anybody has a copy of Monsoon Dervish that they can part with, please get in touch.

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  • 02 Jul 2024 22:36
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    I've just read about Kris Larsen and his wonderful life and adventures, so I was sad to learn that he's not been heard of for a long time.

    I did some online trawling and found a couple of updates from people in his network.

    First this, from June 17th:

    Last we heard of him he was in Rabaul, PNG in October - November, and planning to leave for Mexico across the North Pacific. He befriended Rod (72) a yachtsman living in Rabaul.

    Then this, from June 23rd:

    The inquiry as to the possible whereabouts of our friend, Kris Larsen, of the junk-rigged sloop, Kehaar, continues. I have been contacted by a sailor who lives in Rabaul, Rod Pearce, who assisted Kris during the month Kehaar was anchored in Rabaul Harbour. It appears that Kris stopped there to seek medical attention, and while there it was determined that he had developed heart arrhythmia, but he was unable to receive appropriate treatment there due to civil unrest that had closed the hospital. Despite being weak and sick, he eventually got assistance to lift his dinghy on deck and sailed away on around 20 November 2023, telling Rod that he intended to return to Darwin to get medical treatment. I have talked to his friend in Darwin, Attila Vedo, and confirmed that he has not made landfall there.

    Unfortunately, not very uplifting. We can only hope he is out there somewhere, sailing under the radar.

    Igor Kiporouk, who translated Monsoon Dervish into Russian, had this to say:

    They just write that there is no news from him. This is normal for Kris. Although at sea, anything can happen. When he left New Guinea, he did not feel very well. Let's hope he shows up.
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  • 18 Jun 2024 12:35
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    I have received news that Kris Larsen and Kehaar, who I wrote about in my Junk Rig Hall of Fame series, has not been heard of for seven months since leaving Rabaul, PNG, heading for Mexico across the North Pacific. He is known for long silences, since he is one of the last of the genuine Slocum Era sailors, carrying no means of long-range communications, sailing without engine or electricity, but the period of time since his last contact seems unusual, even for him. I attempted to email him a few weeks ago, but was informed that his email address is no longer functioning. If anybody has seen or heard of Kris or Kehaar, information as to his whereabouts would be much appreciated.

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