Dublin - Brixham and more?

  • 18 Feb 2024 14:51
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    Fantastic, will do. It will be a pleasure to see you there!

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  • 18 Feb 2024 14:45
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    Hi Kevin,

    Put Fly down for the Dublin event.  We haven't been to Dublin for years and then it was by ferry.

    Best regards,

    Ted & Fiona

  • 08 Feb 2024 14:12
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    Yes, excellent suggestion to update all members on upcoming events in an occasional email newsletter.  I haven't been involved in this before but will investigate. May not happen immediately.  If anyone has other events for 2024, please post them in this thread.  Thank you.  -- Rafael, Webmaster

  • 05 Feb 2024 18:43
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    Now, I wonder if this gathering announcement should not be duplicated in the General Forum area? Because that's the first place where I've been looking until now. But perhaps it's only me...

    I seem to remember a discussion at the 2022 AGM in Roscoff that announcements like this could be circulated to all members in an email newsletter. Everybody should get the email but not everybody reads the forums. 
  • 04 Feb 2024 11:05
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    Kevin, this is good news!
    I look forward to this event, and we are already getting ready to participate. That would take about 9 days to get from Rochefort to Malahide, considering a few stops underways. Same on the way back. We would be 3 on board (for the moment).

    I hope many other JRA folks will join, as it is always so enjoyable to meet other members.
    Now, I wonder if this gathering announcement should not be duplicated in the General Forum area? Because that's the first place where I've been looking until now. But perhaps it's only me...

  • 03 Feb 2024 21:04
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    Well, here we are in the Northern hemisphere winter and time is passing slowly and (where I am at least) it’s been a wet and sloppy winter.  And now my marina has just sent me a “for starters” list of jobs they think should be done on my boat, beyond my own big list of DIY stuff.

    So let’s cheer ourselves up by thinking about the summer.


    There is already an announcement on this forum about the Brixham Heritage Regatta in late May - a great opportunity for junkies in reach of  Southwest England to come together.  Have a look at Ted’s post and http://www.brixhamheritageregatta.uk/  for more info 


    Pete Hill and Linda Crew-Gee will be back on the Europe side of the Atlantic this summer, and will be hoping to get together with junkies as they progress through the UK/Ireland (at least) waters.  Will let you know when we hear more.

    Malahide/Dublin/3 Bridges Rally

    Every year the Cruising Association of Ireland takes its fleet through Dublin Port and into the heart of Dublin City - its the only time each year when all three lifting/swinging bridges open and so the only time to see many sailing boats in the city.  This year (7/8 September) they’ve mentioned to us a desire for a few more classic/unusual boats and rigs, to make the event more special.

    So the question then is how many of you might like to take part in a junket surrounding this event.

    the plan would be something along the following lines, but open to adjustments:

    Thursday 5/Friday 6th September- boats gather in Malahide, Dublin - a good marina in a lovely town where the local yacht club will be happy to have us.  Opportunities to socialise and dine together 

    Saturday 7th - Depart around 10 for Dublin port, stopping briefly at the Poolbeg marina in the port before entering the city via the bridges.  Tie up and socialise with the CAI community, dinner and music usually

    Sunday 8th - Depart city and head south to Greystones (modem marina) or Wicklow (accessible harbour wall)

    Monday 9th disperse or sail in company 

    Let me know if interested so I can put it all in motion

    Other events:

    Do use the forums or contact me direct so we can keep members informed on opportunities to meet 

    best to all


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