JRA exhibition stand at UNAM as part of the 'Semaine du Golfe' in France

  • 22 May 2023 10:01
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    On Saturday, four junks in full or near full sail tacked through the entrance of the Gulf of Morbihan and then in and around the islands in the bay, watched by literally thousands of spectators dotted around the shorelines.  The culmination of a great week of cameraderie, sailing and promotion of our rig, Co-ordinated by Eric Andlauer, but with fantastic cooperation from the local boating authorities, who allowed us special permissions and accommodations so that all would go well.  We are most of use not home yet, so more details and photos to follow, as well as an update on the AGM (thanks Shemaya hosting on Zoom and to our new friend Jacques for lending his house to us for the AGM.)

    thabks to Eric for great coordination and an amazing way of getting exemptions for us from all inconveniences of local rules.

  • 07 May 2023 21:27
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    I had the pleasure of assisting Eric Andlauer, the JRA Sailing Secretary, in managing an exhibition stand to publicize the JRA at an event last Saturday run by UNAM, The Union Nationale des Associations de Navigateurs, an important body that represents the interests of thousands of French sailors and boat owners around the entire coast of metropolitan France. This festival, held at the port of Vannes on the Gulf of Morbihan in advance of the 'Semaine du Golfe' at which several JRA boats are registered to take part, was a neat opportunity to interest French sailors in the existence and features of the junk rig. Thanks to Eric's construction of a working model of the JR, we managed to attract the attention of quite a few of the attendees. In passing, may I ask whether anyone knows the whereabouts of the rather larger working models of the JR constructed by Robin Blain and used for many years to demonstrate the rig at rallies and events? Attached is a photo of the demo rig and the stand. Thank you, Eric, for your sterling effort to take advantage of this opportunity.

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