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    Would JRA members wishing to post a response please do so in the JRA, its Magazine and Website forum  here. Thanks.
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    The Junk Rig Sailing & Rally Club is an informal association of people interested in sailing junk-rigged boats. Anyone is welcome to join!
    The JRSRC is a new club whose purpose is to offer a junk rig sailing experience and a meeting place for junk rig enthusiasts and those new to the junk rig who would like to experience the delights of sailing junk-rigged boats and exchange information about junk rig sailing. We will be organising sailing rallies and get-togethers in the UK and Northern Europe and intend to be a very informal, friendly and un-bureaucratic set-up. The JRSRC is quite separate from the Junk Rig Association, and it is not necessary to be a member of the JRA to be a member of the JRSRC. We have decided that a voluntary JRSRC membership contribution of £5 per year will be encouraged, so that funds can be gathered towards financing a gradual expansion of our activities throughout the year and so that we can organise venues and keep in touch with members, including those who prefer to keep in touch by post rather than the internet. There will be a small charge to cover catering and venue costs that will be specified in the booking details for each event; the JRSRC is not run for profit and will seek to operate with a minimum of overheads.

    Sunbird Marine have offered the use of their offices as a base and hub of connections and knowledge for communication purposes.

    We welcome suggestions and ideas for rallies, their programmes, dates and sites; to kick things off we have arranged sailing rallies at the Warsash SC on the Hamble River on the weekend of June 8/9 and at Bradwell, Essex on the Blackwater on July 6/7.

    Full details of these rallies will be published on the JRA website and the and JRSRC facebook page and by post to those who prefer - meanwhile those interested in supporting our club ideals should contact the rallies organiser, Robin Blain, at 373 Hunts Pond Rd, Fareham, Hants. PO14 4PB
    Tel: 01329-842613 Email: rblain@sunbirdmarine.com
       " ...there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in junk-rigged boats" 
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